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National Academy of Success and Achievement considered one of the best professional educational consultants in Odisha. We have proudly been offering reliable, beneficial and the best education consultancy services for students and aspirants.

Our education consultancy is offered for those students seeking admission in universities, colleges and schools in Odisha. We consult and guide students towards higher professional education in Medical, Engineering and management field.


Concept Building & Course Completion

Learning the basic concepts, in detail, is the first step that needs to be undertaken. Timely and systematic course completion is essential for any student who wants to stand a chance in the competition. The teacher’s role in this stage is supreme. Only an experienced teacher knows the right length, breadth and depth in which a topic needs to be covered.

Practice & Doubt Clearing

Once the syllabus has been completed, it is time for students to go though the study material provided. Attempting ample number of practice questions is a must for building accuracy. While attempting these questions, students require the support of a teacher who can solve their doubts and clear their queries. At Vidya Guru, we conduct special doubt clearing classes so that our students never face any difficulty in tackling even the most complicated questions.

Test Taking & Strategy Building

Having covered the first two stages, students must start attempting full length Online Mock Tests so that they are fully ready for the final exam. Sufficient number of mock tests must be taken in order to strike a balance between speed and accuracy. Effective strategy is required to maximize one’s score in the exam. One-to-one strategy building sessions are conducted at our Centres for Bank.

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