A. Medical Camps:

“Small family is healthy family” was highlighted throughout all health awareness camps. Health camps were conducted for screening patients and providing treatment for common diseases. Focus was made on communicable diseases and how to prevent them addressing their root causes such as poor sanitation, low immunity levels due to malnutrition, poverty and lack of safe drinking water and high health ignorance of the routes of communicable diseases. The medical check-ups included also screening for STD/AIDS, ANC/PNC and growth monitoring, immunization of uncovered babies.

B. Community Health Training:

6 training workshops were conducted for the staff and volunteers on community health covering 62 persons. The faculty for the training came from both public and private sectors. The duration of the training was for 3 days for community workers and 5 days for the staff. Community health scheme has been started in 12 interior tribal villages from where most of the volunteers came for the training.

C. AIDS Prevention Campaign:

The young men and women’s clubs conducted cultural programmes such as Street plays, tribal dances, folk songs etc. for spreading health awareness on prevention of diseases including serious communicable diseases such as T.B., HIV/AIDS on topics such as: STD/HIV/AIDS infection routes & Preventive techniques, abstinence from unsafe sex and sticking to one partner, going for professional medical care and not to quacks, family Health Awareness, condom use for safety, blood Check-ups and timely treatment of opportunistic infections, avoiding stigma and discrimination among the already infected. Totally, 32 volunteers from the youth clubs worked with our medical staff (doctors, nurses and others) and promoted awareness.

D. Nutritional Demonstration Centre Programme:

312 under-five poor children (especially from tribal regions) suffering from severe malnutrition were selected and they were provided with necessary short term inputs such as nutritional supplements for removing the malnutrition and increasing their immunity. The mothers of these children are given special training on child care through proper nutritional demos and other child care techniques.

E. Homeopathy Dispensary:

Weekly given free medicine with proper treatment to very poor villagers