The poverty remains the most serious problems that our area faces. India still has the World’s largest number of poor people dwelling on its land. Of the population of more than 1.2 Billion, an estimated 444 million are below poverty line, out of which 61 percent dwell in rural areas of the country. Most of them are daily wage earners, landless laborers and self-employed householders. The children of such evil, cursed families are forced to take up jobs at a tender age.

They are not only derived from the golden dream of childhood but education too adding to the illiterate bulk of the country. Being gradually the merciless victims of child abuse they turned into child labour, which is the most valuable waste of human resources. They are doomed to remain poor for the rest of their live and thus the mortality rate is high among them. To protect innocent promising childhood ACTS’ MINISTRIES has set up one Hostel for destitute, in Acts’ Mission Center at Saldanga where 60 learners are residing now blissfully.