About Acts Ministry

‘ACTS Ministries’
(A for Ambassadors, C for Compassion, T for Training, S for Services- Ambassadors of Compassion & Training Services)

“Acts” Ministry has derived its origin within the trials and tribulations of Poor Students & Orphans who were unable to get admission in school because of their do not had blood relation relatives as well many were unable to pay capitation & other fees in the Government Aided School.
When Dr. Dutta was trying to bring freedom of those students and orphans from the fanatics of the Government aided schools, during those days this “Acts” has initiation. He stumped up ambivalent circumstances in existence on the rampage then in terms of affliction, distress, pain & suffering of orphans, Women that upset his heart & that harrowing experience gave a fillip to the idea of giving birth to this social & benevolent Institution amidst the people. He endeavored to put into practice in various ways & means in order to exterminate and / or diminish to some extent these adversity, despondency, dejection, melancholy, pitiable condition, expropriation and destitution among affectionate & tender – hearted girls & tribal children, women & people but he was not in a position to knock down all these and render assistance to them.

In his such an eclipsed & Helpless condition, mental anguish, bitter experience when he did not find any way out to help and stand by them and was groping about in dark- the almighty God taught him many lessons about these helpless lives and divested society. He by His words and speeches penetrated into his heart and life ‘Caring for orphans, widows and who need help and keeping yourself free from the word’s evil influence’ (James- 1:27). Upon solemn and study foundation of these instructions, ACTS’ is established in the month of December 27th, 2007 with manifold oppositions, hurdles and risks. But how and who will run this Mission to fulfill the Vision. After long kneeling & weeping before the Lord, God guided in early 2015 and very few girls who dedicated to be Missionaries for deprived, abandoned & destitute…

Those young and teenagers nearer to the Lord for the Mission and the movement called “Missionaries of Charity cum Sisters of Charity”. God did possibilities as they willingly have dedicated their life into God’s hand for the sake of these needs and God surely will open the door one after one in this continue hardship, many may will add to work in this God venture in days to come.

First Stone Foundation of ACTS MINISTRIES at Saldanga: – As, a rolling stone gathers no moss, on 27th October, 2011 the honorable Founder of this organization did the stone foundation of our dreamy Center with prayer in a very simple way.
The Members of the ACTS MINISTRIES, AMBASSADORS SERVICE SOCIETY, children of Gilgal Home, Kids Home , Ambassadors Churches of India (Synod) and Patharhuri Community were present there as eye witness at Saldanga on that eventful occasion. Surely known, we must be collided against a lot of hindrance like economical funds but we are too optimist by the Lord to face such brutal challenge. So, pushing out all despondency, the ACTS Ministries is searching such heavenly perfection with strong belief, mean time founder sold his own car Versa and stated the building work by faith.
Acts of the Apostles, which also mean “Gospel of Holy Ghost”, It also “Behave in the way Specified” But above all Acts is “Ambassadors for Christ (Needy…) in bonds by Sisters who dedicated themselves for ” for deprived, abandoned & destitute…..